Friday, March 16, 2012

The surgery...

So on Monday I got my shoulder surgery. They found several bone spurs, butt loads of scar tissue, and some minor tearing of my rotator cuff. It's actually been a very easy recovery. I've luckily had a lot of help from family and have been able to pretty much be down resting since Monday. I'm now out of my sling but can't move it above my head for at least 4-6 weeks. My bandage is all puffy and so it makes me look like a football player. Needless to say its hard to find shirts that fit around it. It sucks having to have my hubby help me bathe, shave my arm pit (singular mind you), and dress me. But he's just once again shown how freakin great he is!

I have to start physical therapy on Monday. Whoop whoop.

Right before surgery. We didn't get an after. I was delusional. You never want to see that. :)
So as far as the uterus arena. We are holding off a month of meds and everything so I can heal from surgery. I think we would be fine to do the IUI this cycle since I'm already doing so well. Off pain meds. Healing well. But I'm swamped with school and can't do all these drs appts plus physical therapy on top of it. It's my last semester and I need to focus on graduating as much as I want to get pregnant. That is my goal at this point. I've worked too hard to let it go at this point. One month is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I talked to my dr and he gives me a 50% chance of ovulating on my own. I think I will but it won't be on CD14 like I have been but probably more like CD17+ since thats whats the "norm" for me (at least the first time around). Norm doesn't describe my uterus in any fashion. I started AF yesterday and its a little scary not having to do anything and just letting my body do it's thang.

We'll see but right now I'm just going to focus on everything BUT concieving. I'm so nervous that the IUI is just  a month away though. Granted I have a normal cycle and not a 40+ one.

Here's to nothing!

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  1. Glad to hear the surgery went well! Sending you lots of sticky babydust that you get a surprise bfp since you have a 50% chance of o'ing on your own so hopefully you won't even need that IUI next month! Good luck with physical therapy, and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery=)