Friday, June 1, 2012

11 weeks!

Yesterday we went to the doctor. I wasn't expecting to get another ultrasound but they said that at 11-12 weeks they can't always find the heartbeat with the doppler so they just like to go straight to the ultrasound to avoid unneeded stress. We decided to bring Jayda because she's starting to understand it more and I want her to be as involved as she can. The ultrasound tech said it was a good thing we did an ultrasound because there was no way we would have been able to find the heartbeat since my uterus is retroverted and the baby was hiding all the way in the back.

But it was there, 170bpm. The most beautiful sound in the world. There were legs and arms and we could see a little nose. I love it already.

Then we went in and talked to the doctor which was nice considering he was gone last time and I didn't get to ask all the questions I wanted to. He said we were going to do the p17 shots around 16 weeks. So I have to give myself a shot in the butt every week from 16 weeks til 36. Luckily needles don't bother me so I'll just be taught how to do it and give it to myself to avoid coming in every week. P17 shots are thought to help women who had a preterm birth. Mostly they are useful for preterm labor but since we're not sure whether my water broke from contracting or my water broke and then I started to contract. Either way we're just going to error on the side of caution and take the shots. There's nothing to lose really.

Then I asked him whether he would let me get past 36 weeks. He said as long as I wasn't contracting then I could go as long as I wanted, but the minute I started contracting we would need to do a section. I also asked him if VBAC was totally out of the question. He said ultimately its up to me but the rupture rate can be up to 8% with the type of scar I have and although thats not an awful % if it does happen it can be catostrophic.

And really is it worth it to risk my life, my baby's life and also the risk of losing my ability to have any more children because I want to birth a certain way? It seems a bit selfish to me. If I had the horizontal cut I would do it in a heartbeat since the rupture rate is less than 1% and c-sections even carry their own risk of complications. But  because of my specific situation we made the decision to just do a c-section. Sucks but in the end all that matters is that baby is here safely.

But I mean really...if I made it to 36 weeks I would just be estatic. Even if that meant a short NICU stay which we want to avoid at all costs, but really after a 90 day hospital stay with Jayda a few days is so small compared to that. Hopefully my uterus behaves this time around. So far its been very quiet and drama free.

He also said we get to find out the gender next time. I originally wanted to keep it a suprise but Chase wants to know so bad. I think he really wants to know if its a boy because he is dying to get a boy. But he just says he wants to know everytime. I would like to keep it a secret next time and I'm 99% sure I'll win that battle.

It seems as if I'll be getting A LOT of ultrasounds this pregnancy. I've already gotten 3. I'll be getting one next time at 15 weeks, then my 20 week ultrasound, then starting at 24 weeks we are going to be checking my cervical length. So lots of ultrasounds in my future. Not complaining. :)

I can't believe we're almost in the 2nd trimester. Please be gentle 2nd trimester. I'm begging you.


  1. You're definitely being smart about the VAC situation. If anyone gives you crap about it just remember you are the only one (well... and Chase) who has inspiration about you/your baby and you're being smart by following the inspiration/intuition.

    I'm excited to find out what you're having!! I'm hoping for ZERO days in the NICU for you. :D