Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy 3rd birthday Little Jader Bum!!

Ok so this is a few days late but I've been one tired mama so I've been putting this off.

June 6th my little bug turned 3. She's the sweetest, most stubborn independent girl ever. We love her so much! Except when she tells me to stop singing. Or when I'm getting after her for something she points her finger at me and says, "Be HAPPY!" Which of course just makes me laugh.

For her party we had a Mickey Mouse AND Princess theme since those are her two most favorite themes right now. We had the party at the local carousel and splash pad. It turned out to be a great spot in the shade. We had a pinata, pizza, a princess cake, mickey mouse cupcakes that my mom made, and lots of friends.

Jayda and her Aunt Kiki

All the kiddos minus Acacia and Koto

Jayda and her former NICU roommate Brynlyn. They were both 26 weekers who were just a couple weeks apart. Little Miracles! And Brynlyn smacked the CRAP out of that pinata! That girl had quite the arm on her!!

This was on her at Mukahs house. She made her a mickey mouse shaped birthday cake since we forgot candles and matches for her b-day cake at her party.  It was so funny when we were singing to her before she blew out the candles she noticed my SIL Cait was on her phone and not singing she pointed at her and said SING! Then I started to laugh and she pointed at me and said SING! Miss sassy pants!
In other good Jayda bug news.....drum roll please...shes FINALLY potty trained!!! Yippee! I know Ive said this is it a few times...but this is really it! Shes been in her panties for a over a week and doing great. Now she has to do it herself and will poop and pee on the potty and then wipe and flush and then wash her hands all by herself.

We had to bribe her with candy and soda at first but she did it (and probably gained some much needed poundage so win win!). She still wears a diaper at nap time and bed time but shes been waking up from nap time the last couple days with a dry diaper so I think she may be ready to wear just panties to bed for her nap. She's usually soaked at night so I dont see that changing for awhile...but no biggie! Shes getting so freaking big!!

We go in for her 3 year appt on tuesday and will update with what the dr says about her weight then. Hopefully shes at least 22lbs! She's just SUPER petite. This new baby will probably outgrow her! :)

Now we need to shop around for preschools since I told her once she was peeing and pooping on the potty she could go to preschool. So crazy she is big enough to go to preschool! Makes me kind of sad!

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