Saturday, June 23, 2012

Endocrinologist and Gastroenterologist

We took Jayda in for her three year appointment last week and it wasn't good news. Jayda hasn't even gained a pound since December which was suprising for us considering she looks SO much bigger to us and has been eating great (well great for her, that girl has incredible self control and only eats til she is full).

According to his charts she "shrunk" in height. Obviously thats not possible and I know for a fact that she has grown taller because she always grows out of her clothes in height WAY before she grows girth wise. In fact it is so hard to find clothes that fit her right because things that fit her in width don't fit her in height. She could probably still fit into 12 month girth wise but they are way too short for her. Instead of a big and tall shop for kids we need a very small and kinda tall store.

Overall, I'm not really concerned since her development is right on track. She speaks in sentences, is potty trained, knows her shapes, colors, can count to 13, knows some of her letters, and socially seems right on track. So obviously she is just petite and its not effecting her overall development.

Still. Why isn't she gaining at least on her growth curve?

So both her dr and I want to get a second opinion with an endocrinologist up at Primarys just to make sure theres no hormonal or other external issues. I tried calling last week to set up an appointment with the endocrinologist and didn't hear anything. Tried calling in the beginning of the week and couldn't get anyone live. Story of my life. Finally, I got someone on thursday, but the guy informed me that they needed Jayda's labs faxed up so that the endo could look at it and see if she needs to see her or if she needs to see a gastroenterologist. They said I should hear back by at least Monday.

To my understanding a pediatric endocrinologist sees kids that have height issues, not weight issues (although a lot of times they go hand in hand). A gastroenterologist sees kiddos that have weight issues. Which is what I am more concerned about. But the endocrinologist works closely with the gastroenterologist and since we're making a special trip to Primarys (which is 3 1/2 hours away) we just want to schedule both of them so they aren't like oh well you need to see the other one and then waste a trip for us.

Also, for now we are keeping a food journal for her since I'm absolutely sure that is one of the first things they are going to ask us to do. It's kind of a pain, but in the end I want to show them that she does eat, just smaller portions. Also show when she complains about her tummy hurting and how it effects how she eats. She seems to always have issues with her tummy.

Its just so odd why she isn't gaining weight. I mean I was always the smallest on the playground and didn't start to catch up until high school. Chase was also the smallest of all of his moms babies. His brother who is 3 years younger practically outgrew him as a kid. So who knows if its a combination of genetics, being a micropreemie, having surgery on her tummy, and having reflux til she was 2 (who knows if she still has it).

I'm looking forward to getting a second opinion since I want the best for the little girl and I don't want people to push her around because she looks like a baby to other kids. She's pretty fiesty and doesn't let other kids push her around but I just don't want her size to effect her when she realizes how little she is compared to other kids her age.

Luckily she is a girl.


  1. Good luck! Hopefully she's just a slow grower, and three isn't anything wrong. She is such a cute little tiny girl!

  2. Hi, Ashley! Just a suggestion from one in the know about endocrinologists and pituitary function.
    You might suggest having Jada's HGH human growth hormone levels checked. The body producing too little can often be responsible for height and weight issues when kids are small. An easy thing to fix too!

    Auntie Robin

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