Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun at Town Square

So the other day I met up with some friends and their kiddos at Town Square and had a blast. Jayda loved running EVERYWHERE to the point that we had to leave because she just couldn't sit still. She isn't a fan of water either. She either gets too cold or just gets too scared and can't be in it for too long...which is wierd because I LOVED water when I was little. Just a personality thing I guess...I always joke though that maybe thats why my water broke so early...she just hates "swimming" he he.

But I met up with Amelia (her son Lincoln) and Melissa (her daughter Summer). It was fun but really windy. Oh how I hate bi-polar weather in St. George. I am officially giving the sun permission to burn the heck out of me! Bring on the heat waves!

Here's some pics of our adventures

Mills and Lincoln

Getting all 3 of them together for a pic was HARD! haha Jayda couldn't sit still so this is the best we got.

Jayda and Summer being crazy

He loved this statue thingy.

Blah I look gross and Jayda was too preoccupied with playing.

Melissa and Summer

And here is one of J after we left and went to Mill's house. She climbed on top of his high chair. I have no idea how that happened. She's our little gymnist.

This is from the other day when she was trying to give Lincoln a kiss. She was denied. haha

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