Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fun Dinner with some Awesome Friends

So on April Fool's day a couple in our ward invited us to dinner. When we walked in there was all their furniture pushed to the side and some plastic on the ground. They called it their "spaggetti dinner" and we ate off the plastic on the ground with no utencils. It sounds really wierd but it was actually great fun. So we decided to do it for some of our friends last night. We didn't tell them what it was about until they got there because the suprise it the best part. Plus if we were to tell them then it would have sounded way crazy and weird. Here are some pics of us getting dirty!! At first they were like "what the....." but then got right into it. It was a BLAST! P.S. We are making this a family tradition because kids LOVE it! Clean up is SO easy too. Just roll up the plastic and you are DONE!

Sandi, Bret, Chelsi, and Drew eating the "old fashioned way"

it goes down the gullet faster that way! haha....


Sandi's creepy eyes! haha

Best part is ALWAYS playing scum!

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