Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We got ourselves a little climber

Jayda has been climbing for awhile but now its getting outta control. She is climbing EVERYTHING. The table, chairs, on the shelves, on the end tables, and I even found her on her dresser the other day! The lady at the gym daycare said that she climbs on everything there too. It's so funny but scary too! When she turns 3 we are going to put her into gymnastics! She has the perfect body type and I bet she would love it. She tries to do sommersaults now. Too cute. Here's some pics of some of her climbing adventures.

Don't mind the mess on my table. But she decided this was a good place to watch her toy story.

First she climbed up on the jogging stroller...

Had to take a peek at herself in a picture :D....

And yup there it is. I guess I can't complain much since her NICU pic is in the background to remind me how far she truely has come!

Again excuse the mess. I was getting rid of some of her clothes she's to big to fit in....we won't even talk about what sizes they are. Let's just say they've been in the closet for awhile :D

The other day she climbed up on my friends son's high chair. It was scary!!

And of course the toilet...

to press the "buttons"

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