Monday, April 4, 2011

General Conference Weekend

Well lets just say General Conference was exactly what I needed this weekend after my "breakthrough" with God. :D I'll have to go through and post the parts of the talks that hit close to home when the text is posted on Thursday. I think it was Richard G Scotts talk (i think that was who it was) that made me cry when he talked about his baby that died. I could not imagine actually going through that.

We went over to my mom and dad's house for our traditional General Conference scones during the Sunday morning session. I must say it was hard to pay attention to a lot of that session because Jayda was running wild so I'll have to go back and read that session.

One thing that was really awesome was after the morning session I sat down and talked with my dad about my lineage and family history. My grandma was a big geneologist and luckily we have a lot of history and keepsakes from way back in the 1800s. My dad actually has pictures of my grandparents dating back several generations. Its really cool to actually see their faces in their 1800's attire. It really puts meaning behind just a name in a family tree. I heard some really cool stories too.

One story has always been pretty cool but I heard more in depth about was my Grandpa Adams. He was born as a result of an affair between a white nurse on an indian reservation and another indian. She kept it a secret and gave my grandpa up for adoption. My great grandma Ella Vita couldn't have kids for unknown reasons so she adopted my grandpa. I have always felt close to her even though I never met her and actually named Jayda after her "Jayda Elle". I wanted to name her Ella Vita but Chase wouldn't let me because he said it sounded like "velvetta" haha. But I have also always wanted to adopt and my grandma Ella believed in adoption so much. She knew that adoption was just a catalyst to bring HER spirit children to her since she couldn't do it herself. I never got to meet her but I know that one day we will. She was very active in the church and actually got her husband more active and they weren't sealed in the temple until later. The white nurse that had my grandpa kept the secret to her grave and never told any of her family. I guess they had tried to set up meetings with her and she said that she didn't want to tell her family so they could come over "as friends" but they decided not to since they didnt want to be some secret. Plus it didnt matter. My grandma Ella was my grandpa's mom. Also her mom was in a polygamist marriage and she was the 2nd wife. I still need to read more about her mom's life since we have a lot of info on her. I thought that was interesting though.

Another story that I thought was interesting was my great great great grandma came on a boat from Denmark and she had a preemie that died...but my dad never knew how early.

There were a lot of interesting things but don't have time to write them all out right now. Here are some pics from at my parents house. My mom got all these little toys/things for Jayda to do from the $store including a little backpack. It looked adorable on her!

My dad and Jayda...he was wearing overalls haha...

making our traditional scones and bacon (although I dont eat bacon only turkey bacon...yeah I'm wierd)

Jayda with her cooking apron my mom got her..too cute

Jayda looking at the "tortules"
Later that day we went over to Chase's parents house for Cason's b-day dinner. It was a lot of fun and we saw some friends that we hadn't seen in a long time!

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  1. Those stories are way neat, and I'm with you on the turkey bacon... We love it!