Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jubilee of Trees

I cannot believe I overlooked doing this post. Sometimes I forget to really pay attention to the great things in my life and celebrate Jayda instead of coming on here to vent about my infertility. I had talked about Jayda being in the Jubilee of Trees but never made a post about it on here. It was on November 17-21 and Jayda was spotlighted as the baby of 2009 for the NICU. The Jubilee of Trees is pretty much a silent auction type of thing where people come pay lots of money for some really extrovagently decorated christmas trees. Different businesses and people will donate these trees and the proceeds usually go to a special cause. This year it was to help expand the NICU. It was super awesome and times like that make me really look back and see how much I am so lucky to have my little miracle baby. Here are some pics. We get the banner after they use it at the ribbon cutting of the NICU expansion! And yes its 6 ft tall!!

This was the NICU tree. Sorry its lopsided but I'm just too lazy to rotate it. Sorry. :D

My hubbys work tree. Candyland themed.

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