Thursday, November 10, 2011

So......drum roll please..... my first EVER positive OPK test! I've never gotten a + ever even the month I got pregnant with Jayda. I just figured this cycle I would try it since what else did I have to lose and boobang. That means we got 12-48hrs to get on that crap.

And the real kicker.....

We're moving tomorrow. Awesome. But we're talented like that. Like Tim Gunn says "Make it work" and we will. It just seems like there is always something going on RIGHT on the day I ovulate. Last month we were driving home from Disneyland and now this month we're moving. Ugh. Whatever.

On a side note...Jayda is having a blast playing with all the boxes. She "set up camp" and brought her blanket and pillow and just sat in there watching her favorite show Team Umizoomi. Just <3 her.

Yes.... she is in that box. Silly Bum.
We got a hand. She kept putting her face up against it and gave Chase a kiss through it. Shes crazy.


  1. YEAH, ASH!!!! Hoping and praying!

    Love, Jess and Addi

  2. Ok.... I am laughing hysterically! I mean, I am SO excited for you about this! But oh my lanta... I hope no one comes knocking on your door and expects an answer ;)

  3. Stop posting and go get busy girl! ;) ah you totally got me though all I saw on my blogger feed was the test and I didn't read the rest, BFP next month come on!

  4. I agree with Yesenia, get off the computer and get busy lol! Of course it always happens when you have a million other things going on but, like you said, you are talented like that! :)

  5. LOL, talk about timing! Love the PR reference, I know you will "make it work!"

  6. Oh we definatly got er done. lol Moving didnt help my ovaries feel any less sore though. Man that was brutal.

    But just a trick of the trade. Give your kid candy and put on Elmo and you got a good 15-20 min to yourself. haha ohhh yeah ;)