Sunday, November 27, 2011

On to round 5 and more testing...

So I can't say I was suprised that this last cycle didn't work. I was expecting it because I've read that if you aren't pregnant after 3-4 cycles of clomid then its most likely not going to work (not sure if thats true but who knows). I was definatly preparing myself for this. In fact I had my clomid refilled almost a week before my period was due. Such trust in my body.

My dr wants me to continue to take the clomid and come in and talk about doing more testing which I'm sure means doing an HSG and a SA (sperm analysis). An HSG is where they shoot dye up your fallopian tubes to check for any blockages that may be obstructing the way for the egg to get to the uterus. The sucky part is that the test is not covered by health insurance and its $600! I think its hilarious (not really) that health insurance covers gastric bypasses and abortions but not infertility (as if its my choice). But thats a whole different post.

Sorry if this is TMI but this is an example of what the hsg looks for. I thought that was super interesting that they can do that. Sounds like a blast though to have dye shot up there. Can't wait......

I think the test will be worth it though because in thinking back about what is different from last time the only thing I can think of is scar tissue. I had a crappy emergency c-section and had issues with my incision where they had to re-open it and then pack it full of gauze. So who the heck knows whats going on down there now. But I think regardless its a good idea to do the test because I guess its supposed to increase your fertility since it clears the way for the egg. So why not give it a shot?

I just don't know what is going to happen if this doesn't work. Its not like we can afford fertility treatments. We are poor kids going to college, but does that mean we shouldn't be allowed to extend our family?

I'll update after my appointment. I just want to get this show on the road and try to be positive along the way.

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  1. I'm surprised your Dr. didn't do the hsg first, but again why pay the money if it isn't necessary when clomid is so cheap and if it works it works? Sorry insurance doesn't cover it that just sucks! Hopefully it goes well (take some pain pills before and wear a pantyliner for after) and I'm anxious to hear the results.