Friday, November 4, 2011

November--Just Another Cause

So in the past few days I have noticed my preemie mom friends posting facts and pictures of their babies in the NICU for November Preemie Awareness Month. This year I've decided not to do that since I felt like last year when I did I was kinda "preaching to the choir" a little bit...if that makes sense. I think after people hear you preach about a certain cause they tend to tune you out. Unfortunate, but its just human nature to be egocentric in that regard. I don't think its out of spite though. It's interesting in my Psych of Morality class to learn about empathy and how people are more empathetic when they could see themselves easily in that situation. For example, when I was pregnant there was this girl that worked right by me that was due a day before me. When I had Jayda she requested to be my friend on facebook. She commented on all my pictures and status updates. But when she had her baby she never commented on any of my things. She had her baby safely here so it wasn't applicable to her anymore. Again, not out of spite...we all do it. We all pity things but then turn around and say "welp glad it wasn't me".

Instead....this year I'm excited to be a part of the Jubilee of Trees for the NICU thats held on November 17-21. One of the NICU nurses messaged me on Facebook awhile back and asked if I wanted Jayda to be the representative baby for the year 2009. They are spotlighting a baby from every year since the beginning of the NICU (I think its 2003) to raise money for the NICU. Of course I said yes! So they wanted some pictures of Jayda now and so she got a photo shoot the other day at the hospital. There were some super cute pictures! They are going to show pictures of her in the NICU and then she is going to be on a 6ft banner of a current picture (she said I could have the banner when they are done with it! Yessss).

Yesterday she sent me an email asking me some questions about the NICU and I pretty much bawled the whole time writing out my answers. Whenever I think about the NICU I just get all teary eyed because there are some very sad memories but also some of the happiest I think I'll ever have. When I think of the staff there in the NICU I just get such an awesome feeling. Is it sick that I sometimes miss the NICU and just want to go back to just hang out like I used to minus the critically sick baby? It's such an amazing feeling being in the NICU, almost like you are sacred ground. So many miracles occuring everyday. Its something I never wished to be apart of (no one does) but now that I'm in the "club" I wouldn't change the experiences and people I've met for the world.

Micropreemie Sunbathing
Precious tiny feet.
I love this picture. Just enough to show the vulnerability but at the same time the strength of these little fighters.
It's amazing now to look down at my hand and see that her head didn't even fit completely in it. As you can tell my hospital bracelet was still on. I refused to take it off the entire 3 months Jayda was there. I had to get it replaced 2 times and it was hanging by a thread by the end but gosh dang it I was not taking that bracelet off without her home in my arms.
Yes that is Chase's wedding ring and finger. Such a precious little babe.

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  1. Oh my goodness. What a sweet girl you have. Such a strong little fighter!