Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wierd Fashion Trends -Top 10

Ok since my last post was very doom and gloom I have to do a more fun one! Today in my class I noticed a girls shoe and it got me thinking about fashion trends I just have never understood. So I thought it would be funny to go through and list some of them.

1. Pointed shoes. You draw arrows not wear them.

2. Leg Warmers. We should have left those in the 80's.

3. Jesus Sandals. Seriously I would feel like a burly man wearing these.

4. Hippie Headbands. Maybe its because an Olsen twin is wearing it. Nahh probably not.

5. Big Furry Boots with Big Balls attached.
 Need I say more?

6. Forcing your baby to wear flower headbands that are bigger than their face.

7. Shorts with Leggings

8. Baggy shirts as a dress. Notice two of the pics so far are of an Olsen twin. Co-inc-idink? I think not.

9. Animal Beanies...disclaimer I think its ok for kids just not adults.

10. The Bump Hair Style thats a rat could live in.

That was fun.