Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Fort Fun"

Or...kinda...not quite. So Chase and I had a wonderful idea to build a fort in our front room and then watch Monsters Inc. inside with Jayda. didn't work out too well. Jayda didn't understand the concept of a fort and kept trying to pull the blankets down. She played underneath for just a short while and then started the de-forting process. Well when Chase left the room all of a sudden I hear a huge bang and a splatter. Chase had used his mom's snow globe thing to weight down a blanket and when Jayda pulled on it she pulled the globe down and it broke everywhere. I'm so glad she didn't end up getting hurt. When Chase saw what happened he started to panic since he thought it was a very sentimentally valued globe that her old boss had given her before he died (turned out it wasn't). But seeing him just fall to pieces in front of this broken globe made me just think of this little boy who was scared to death to tell him mommy about the globe he accidently broke. It was funny but sweet.

I think we'll wait a couple more years before making another fort building attempt.

Yeah we seriously need to improve our fort building skills. On the right is where the snowblobe used to be.

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