Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Bucket List

So in my counseling class we have been talking about Existentialism and according to this theory people want to bring meaning into their life. Everyone has a different meaning in life but as long as it fulfills your meaning then life is purposeful. The theorist is Viktor Frankl and he wrote the book "Man's search for Meaning". It's a good short could probably read it in half a day. Frankl was a holocaust survivor and from his experiences he learned that without meaning a person has no reason to live and will commit suicide. He watched it first hand in the concentration camps. I love his theory and trust me I don't do it justice. Thinking about it drove me to write out My Bucket List. Every person's list is different but what's really important is that you accomplish everything that you can. So I'm gonna get started now!

1. Go to Germany and visit as many Holocaust museums and concentration camps as I possibly can (I'm a big WWII nut).
2. Backpack Europe and visit Italy, Paris, London, etc.
3. Run a full marathon.
4. Run a half marathon
5. Be on a T.V. show
6. Get onto Price is Right
7. Get on the show Survivor
8. Go parasailing
9. Get my Bachelors in Psychology
10. Get in and graduate from Grad school in Social Work
11. Get my PhD.
11. Become a social worker and work with children and women with emotional trauma
12. Open my own practice and become a therapist
13. Trace all of my family history on both sides as far as humanly possible.
14. Become a mom
15. Be someone my children look up to and respect
16. Adopt an unadoptable child or a toddler aged child.
17. Visit Washington, D.C. to see all the sites
18. Go to New York and see the 9/11 memorial
19. Meet someone famous (I sat on Aaron Carter's lap at the Billboard Music Award to get a picture and met a bunch of other people).
20. Have all 70 of my preemie moms and their kids together in one room
21. Go on a church history tour
22. Go full term or at least 36 weeks
23. Pay for someone's meal without them knowing.
24. Write a book
25. Fit into size 3 pants
26. Save someone's life
27. Serve a mission with Chase
28. Be the coolest, fittest old lady ever
29. Give up drinking diet soda for an entire year
30. Go to a live taping of Ellen
31. Never take anything for granted
32. Go to the Grand Canyon
to be continued....

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