Thursday, October 6, 2011

Orem Trip

This last weekend we took a quick trip up to Orem to visit my sister and to meet up with a good preemie mom from my preemie group. My sister just had a baby a couple of months ago (on my b-day!!) and she was such a good baby. I hardly ever heard her cry! Jayda loved hanging out with her cuz's. Beck took family pics of us too which I'm sure are soon to come!

Here are some pics of Jayda and her cousins.

Then I met up with Brook and her cute little family. She's one mom that I have really grown close to. Her first took 4 1/2 years to concieve. She went through 5 miscarriages, 3 failed IUIs and just a lot of heartache. Then she finally got Libby but she came at 33 weeks. Then after she had Libby figured it would be a long while before they would be able to blessed with another so they just didn't bother trying. Well she was suprised to find out she was pregnant just a short while after Libby got home from the NICU. I talked to her quite a bit during her pregnancy and I know she was really scared but she helped me through all of my stuff too. She ended up having real gems as doctors who totally screwed her situation up. She went into L&D at 27weeks in labor and 3cm dialated. They stopped her labor and then because her FFN test was negative they sent her home! No steriod shots. No 24 hour observation at the very least. Nothing. SMH! She delievered 2 weeks later and the real catch is that she was in Guam stationed there since her husband is in the air force. Because she went through a military hospital she couldn't switch drs because she had no choice really. So they evaced them to Japan shortly after Presley was born. So she did the NICU twice in one year. She really deserves a medal or something. It was just a jacked up situation. But she has her beautiful girls now but still has raw emotions from what happened obviously especially since she is done having kids. I just love her to pieces! Here are some pics of our meet up!

Me and Brook with the Kiddos
Yes that is my daughter biting Libby's finger. Libby gladly gave it to her too.
This is Libby after she bit her finger and Jayda trying to say sorry. She was having none of that but sure enough just a few minutes later gave her her finger again. haha
Jayda checking in on cute little Presley.
And of course had to put one of the husbands up. Jayda just be crazy! Poor Libby! haha

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