Saturday, October 8, 2011

NICU reunion 2011

Dr. Ridout with both Jayda and her roommate Brynlon. They are so big it's crazy!
Today was the annual NICU reunion at Staley Farm. It was fun to go and see some of the nurses, our roomies, and Dr. Ridout. When we first got there we didn't recognize very many people and a lot of the nurses weren't there. :( But we did see some of them so that was good. We left around 11:30am or so because Jayda was really tired and Chase had to go to work. But then one of my roommates from the NICU who also had a 26weeker called me and was like "Where the heck are ya". Luckily we lived down the street so we went back. It was so good to see them and Brynlon has gotten SO big! Here are some pics of our day!

Roomies. So adorable.

My favorite person ever. KerryAnn the lactation specialist.

One of many of my favorite primary nurses, Angie. Oh, I remember those days when she would lay this little 1lb-2lb baby on my bare chest with all these wires attached. Now look at her!

This is Stacey and her son Corbin. He was a 23 weeker who has spent most of his life in a hospital setting. He was in the NICU for a year and then in the PICU after that. He's quite an amazing little guy. Very inspiring.
I love this picture of Jayda. Little bunnies.
Jayda trying to get away from Emily, one of our other favorite primary nurses. She was the nurse that was on when my sister did that big photo shoot when Jayda was just a few weeks old.

I <3 our NICU. Great people. Sometimes I miss those days which is totally bizarre. But the 90 days we were there they were my angels and became like my family. I will be forever grateful to them for helping me by being my "unofficial" therapists on those very dark days and for helping my Little Jader Bug get through the first hellish 3 months of her life.  <3 them.


  1. Oh my heavens those little boots are too adorable! Glad you guys had a great time, amazing to see how those little ones grow!

  2. oh man! i've been wanting to go to that cause we missed it last year too. it's crazy to think that all these kids look SO great and healthy now, sometimes i forget that kohen was ever a nicu kid! looks fun though and dr. rideout was our doctor too, but i am pretty sure he would not remember kohen. ha ha looks like you had a fun time though!

  3. oh and emily! she was one of our favorites, and we run into her in town all the time, so she still remembers us. it's so crazy to see people outside of the hospital!