Sunday, October 16, 2011

Downtown Disney with my preemie mamas

On saturday after doing Disneyland for the first 2 days we decided to go down to Downtown Disney and met up with some of my preemie mom friends. We went to ESPN Zone (for Chase of course) for lunch and met up with Aimee (she had twin 28 weekers Kaleb and Kennidee who are almost 4 after years of infertility, IUIs and IVFs) and Dawne (has Zach who is a 25 weeker who was due within a few days of Jayda...pretty much NICU twinners). It was a lot of fun and definatly refreshing since I miss my preemie mamas while I've been on my Facebook break...which has been great by the way.

After lunch the kids played outside for a little bit and it was cute to see all these little miracles interacting together. It was pretty cool to watch actually. Thanks for driving all the way from San Diego Dawne (I probably spelled your name wrong but I am saying it right in my head this time I promise! haha). Aimee you are so cute and it was so GOOD to meet you finally!

Later on that night we met up with my Uncle Carey and my Aunt Annette for dinner. They live in Yorba Linda which is about 15min away from Disney. Lucky dogs. It was nice to see them!

Zach and Jayda together at lunch. Zach kept eating Jayda's food which was hilarious. She kept trying to feed him fries too. haha
All the kiddos and mamas. It was difficult getting the littles all to stay still!
You have no idea how hard that was to get them all to stay that way for 2.5 seconds.
Awww Zach was so sweet to Jayda.
Kaleb and Kennedie (prob spelled their names wrong sorry) playing in the plants. They were so cute! Jayda was just enthralled by her!

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