Sunday, October 16, 2011


So. Much. Fun. Never seen a little girl happier which of course made us so happy. It was so great to get away for a bit and just be a little family just the three of us. And for being a rambuncious little 2 year old she did extremely well in the car. We took my inlaws van that has a dvd player and I think that made all the difference.

We went for two days and the first day she was kinda like what the heck is this and would cry the entire time in line and until the rides started, but by the second day she got the hang of it and was so happy to wait in line. She loved the teacup ride and kept calling it "CUPS! CUPS!". She met Minney Mouse, Mickey Mouse (and let me just say I find it a little ridiculous that you have to wait in line for 30min to meet a stupid mouse....ever hear of doubles disneyland? I think if I pay $300+ you could pay a few more doubles to roam around DISNEYland! Geesh. The things we do to see our kids smiles for 2.5 seconds. Then she met Handy Manny (who she hated and did NOT want to kiss), Max (Goofy's son....whoever the hell cares about him? :D ), and Jessie and Woody. We saw the princesses from afar but I drew the line at waiting 45 min in line to see a stupid princess. Sorry Jayda. We're such evil parents.

We didn't ride any of the bigger rides since we had Jayda but it was such a blast to see her enjoying herself. We did a lot of walking since we had out hotel about .8 of a mile away so we def worked off a lot of calories. We watched the parade twice and she loved it! Mainly it was about meeting characters and riding the little rides. We went to the Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show for little kids and it was pretty cool. It was pretty much a puppet show of all the Disney Junior shows like MickeyMouse Club House, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins. It was a really cute show. We took like 300+ pictures so here are just a small few.

This was as we were walking in the park. She was so excited!
She LOVED Minnie and she better since we seriously waited like 45 min to see her. We were in line before and she "left to go make Mickey Mouse breakfast". Bunch of bullcrap if you ask me. haha

Waiting in A Bugs Life ride line
She loved the "monsies" ride. It was such a cute ride.

She hated Handy Mandy. But we have been giving her a hard time the whole weekend saying "You made Handy Mandy sad" and she just keep smiling and said "Handy Mandy sad". She thought it was pretty funny that he was so sad. haha She's evil.
She LOVED meeting Woody and Jessie in Frontier Land. It was nice to get a one shot deal too and we got there right in time so we didnt have to wait very long. She loved it though and gave them lots of kisses.

She gave Maz a big kiss and hug. I think she thought he was goofy.

She loved Mickey Mouse! He was right about to go to his show so he was all dressed up.
This was her facial expression a lot of the time. Not sure but just enthralled at the same time. This was at the parade.

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