Monday, October 24, 2011

Seriously depressed....

Ok not really but I'm super sad! I found out today that the doctor I go to now can't be my doctor when I get pregnant. Starting November 9th (??) he is going to be accepting a position over at Dixie Regional as the OB hospitalist and heading up the Fertility Clinic here in St. George. I knew before that he was but I misunderstood and thought he was still accepting high risk just not normal OB patients. Wrong. :(

I think its awesome that they are creating the clinic since there are so many people that need it here in St. George but dang he is the best doctor ever and his staff is the best ever so I'm seriously depressed now! UGH what am I going to do? The other doctor that is still in his practice will still be there but I don't know him at all. Dr. Chalmers will still be at MFM so I might see him there when I get referred but geez this sucks the big one!

P.S. I ovulated on time even though we went to Disneyland. Chata-ching baby!


  1. I know that's totally sucks huh? I hear Dr. Ott is really good though. I haven't ever been to him but my sister in law and a couple friends go to him and really like him. My midwife also has said that he's the closest to being like Chalmers out of all the OB's in town.

  2. Sorry about having to find a new Dr., I know how hard that can be when you LOVE the Dr. you already have. I know you will find someone wonderful though=) Congrats on o'ing on time, I hope you get your little Floridian miracle=)