Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just kidding....

So yeah totally wrong about the whole doctor situation. I messaged him today asking him what the heck I'm supposed to do since I was so confused on where to go (by the way I love how I can just message him online instead of going through the whole hoopla of calling the office and going through a million people and waiting for the dr to call you back yadda yadda yadda). When I talked to his medical assistant she made it seem like I wasn't high risk so I wanted to make sure that she was right in that I don't go to him because obviously I am very high risk and he specializes in high risk. Well turns out I will be able to go to my dr but I will just be going to a high risk clinic in conjunction with some other doctors. I'm totally stoked that I'll still be able to see him but bummed that its because I am so high risk. I wish I could just be boring.

Of course thats a mute point until I get pregnant. Hopefully I'll be going to his high risk clinic instead of his fertility clinic. The lesser of two evils. Ei yie yie! (How in the heck do you write that out anyways? You get the point.....)

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