Sunday, March 20, 2011

California Trip- Day 1 & 2

For spring break we headed off to California with some of our friends Blake and Jenn. Chase met Blake on his mission although they were never actually companions. Then Natalie and Cameron (Chase's brother and his wife) met up with us there and stayed til Wednesday and met up with her family. We left Jayda with my mom for the first night and then with Chase's parents the rest of the week. I will never leave her that long again though. I missed her WAY too much! When we got there we just hung out and went on the beach to check things out. It was pretty chilly (at least for me being a desert rat) so we just walked the beach and checked it out. I found that I forgot my tennis shoes though and Jenn wanted some flip flops so we went to go to payless. About 2 hours later we got back to the hotel. Lets just say we took a lot of scenic routes. haha It was fun though. That next morning I ran on the beach for a morning run. It was so pretty and relaxing! Then all 6 of us headed to San Diego to go shopping. We actually went to the same exact shopping center we went on our honeymoon to. Then we headed off to Old Town San Diego and walked around.

Here's some pics:

This is the sign we saw that was posted right outside our hotel...kinda creepy especially in light of what has happened recently in Japan.

Hanging out at the beach

Chase and Blake playing on a big board of chess that was at the mall we went to.

Chase and I at Old Town San Diego
This was the first church of a different faith I have ever been in. It was such an odd feeling.

One of the stores in Old Town had a bunch of old surf boards hanging up.

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