Sunday, March 20, 2011

California Trip- Day 5, 6 & 7

On Thursday we decided to head down to Chinatown in L.A. It was fun to go shopping in the little shops. We ended up buying Jayda 2 camomnas and 2 pairs of shoes. She wore one of them to church today and it was ADORABL:E! Then we went to find something to eat.....and that was a .....blast? I'm a VERY picky eater and I don't like to eat at "hole in the wall" types of places. If it looks dirty then I can't eat there. Mentally I just can't. I also don't like un-americanized types of foods. When you say Mexican food I think Cafe Rio. When you say Chinese food I think Panda Express...etc. I don't actually want to eat actual Mexican or Chinese food. Cafe Rio and Panda will do for me. I guess the biggest thing is I'm not a big meat eater and so it really gets into my head when I think of it being butchered in the back. With Chinatown everything looked very authentic as far as the food. When we walked in the restaurant there was a fried pigs head and a bunch of roasted ducks hanging in the window. I'm sorry but thats just gross and mentally makes me not want to eat there. I ended up going to a smoothie shop and getting a strawberry smoothie and eating off of everyone else's plates. I did have a few bites of orange chicken (trying not to think of the meat in the window) and of the sweet pork. I had mostly rice and veggies though. I know I am picky....its one of my weaknesses. But I did TRY it at least!

Then the next day we headed to the San Diego temple to do a session. It was gorgeous inside and out! It was probably the most beautiful temple I have been into. We ended up doing a session and sealings....which was a very neat experience. Then after that we headed down to the cafeteria and ate dinner.

Later that day we went to the beach and I got in about half way but it was super chilly so I didn't get all the way in. Later that night though we decided to go have dinner on the pier since it was so beautiful with the sun going down. It was a bit chilly but they had some warmers so it was fine. AGAIN I was faced with "new" food again but on this I would NOT budge. I DO NOT eat seafood. Discusting. Nothing. Not tuna. Not shrimp. Nothing. If it has swam, been in the ocean, or once had eyes (in the ocean or any body of water) I do not or will not eat it). Of course Blake and Jenn tried to get me to eat seafood. They first tried out slowly with calimaree (?) and then when they got their big bucket of seafood friends including like this entire crab...there was NO way I was eating that crap! If you literally have to crack the legs off of the animal you are eating....then pull the tendons out theres something wrong with that! Poor little crab! It was funny though them trying to get me to eat it. I would rather starve...that or I would eat it for money like for instance if I was on Survivor. I love Survivor and would totally eat it there but thats for a million dollars so I don't think that counts. That night was so fun though!

All in all the trip was a blast but I was glad to get back home to little Jayda bug. I missed her SO much! When we got home too it was so adorable she came outside to meet us and she had the hugest smile on her face. Then she was just looking at me and Chase like wow I can't believe its you guys! Then she gave me the biggest hug ever! It was adorable. It was a blast though to get away....just next time we'll bring Jayda and take her to Disneyland!

Me in Chinatown

eating at the chinese restuarant

Can't say I didn't try it!

THIS is what we saw as we walked in the door! So gross!

yes that is a roasted pigs head

The San Diego temple

All four of us in front of the temple after doing a session.

Our view from the pier! So beautiful!

Chase and I at the beach right outside out hotel at sunset.

All four of us at the rest. on the pier.

Blake taunting me with his nasty crab food.

Me and Jenn being goofy. Yes I do not have makeup on Eww.

Gross remains of Blake and Jenns dinner. Yes those are tendions of that poor animal. Gag. I'll stick with my tacos fritos that I got.

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! I'm with you on the seafood thing, yuck!