Sunday, March 6, 2011


Ovulation. When you read up on it it sounds so simple but really its not. I have followed a lot of blogs of women with fertility issues and though it may be simple for some its difficult for many. Its sad that some people who have kids don't even know what ovulation is. I remember talking to the ultrasound tech when I was pregnant and he was telling me horror stories of women who have no idea about what their body was doing. He said one lady pointed to the screen and asked "Is that a baby?". He answered "No, thats your uterus." She then asked, "Whats a uterus?" Oh to be blissfully ignorant!

Recently I went and picked up the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertilty" and have learned so much about my body and what goes on every month. It's actually quite amazing that if you pay attention your body really does tell you exactly what is going on. I think its actually quite liberating.

When I was trying to concieve Jayda I used "an ovulation calculator". I thought that was "taking charge". Luckily I didn't have to chart or anything to get pregnant. This time is a bit different. Although I feel SO much healthier and fit (and am) my body just didn't want to cooperate. Last month I decided after being in denial for about 6 months that I was annovulatory (not ovulating) I decided to go into the Dr and see what was going on. We decided the best thing to do was to put me on provera to jump start my cycle. I started charting my BBT (basal body temperature) which is your waking temperature. Before you ovulate your temps usually are lower and then after ovulation they spike up. Then if you are pregnant your temperatures stay elevated and if you're not they start to go down. You can actually know you aren't pregnant before you actually get your period which I find way awesome. Who needs to spend a million dollars on pregnancy tests when you can buy an $8 BBT and get answers thats way. It seems simple enough. Then you observe you cervical fluid along with that to help paint the bigger picture. Some women feel very queasy about this but I find it fascinating that your body *usually* knows what to do.

It's amazing this month I have taken my temps and it has painted the whole picture and DRUMROLL I FINALLY OVULATED!!! The provera worked and *hopefully* this means I am normal again. Unfortunately I don't think this was our month since my temps are dropping (but I had strep after I ovulated so it could just be normalizing since I had a fever/low grade fevers for a few days but I have a feeling Aunt Flow is on her way).But thats ok since I AM NORMAL AGAIN! Here is what my chart looks like this month. I am so proud. Haha


  1. yay ash! im going to pray for you! i need to find this book i would love to know more about my uterus since i have problems with it.

  2. Actually...

    don't discount this cycle too quickly. Check out my positive cycle with E:

    See how my temp spiked the day I tested? It also went wait until it drops below that red line before you write this cycle off. :)