Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ok so I've calmed down....

Ok so I was a little emotional this morning...ok a lot emotional. I'm just so over it. So the dr's assistant called and said she talked to the dr and he said that the bleeding is probably normal and may even mean I am ovulating right now. But that I am cycling normally every 6-10weeks so unless I want to take birth control pills to regulate my cycle or take clomid then everything sounds ok. I just need to make that decision. But I don't want to do either of those...yet. I am just going to see if I ovulate this cycle and if I don't then I will look into getting the clomid but I really dont want to do that. Also one thing that REALLY ticks me off is when people tell me to relax and just let it happen. This is not about getting pregnant. This is about having normal cycles and I was not worried about it until after 6 months of this happening so it has nothing to do with stress. That is all that is frustrating me. And sure stress can affect things but I remember BAWLING the month I got pregnant because I thought I had missed my ovulation and I was shaking I was so mad. I ended up being pregnant. Then I had a m/c. That next month I was so nervous and so so sad and just wanted to be pregnant.....and I got pregnant. I saw this article posted about stress not affecting getting pregnant and thought it was interesting. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/when-youre-not-expecting/201103/the-stress-trying-get-pregnant. So for me stress didn't affect me getting pregnant at all.


  1. Hey there...hopping over here from BBC to offer some support since I see a lot of myself in your situation. For what it is worth, I will never take birth control pills again. While I don't know for sure that it messed up my cycles, they were once normal, and since, have never been the same.

    Hoping that this is your cycle!

  2. im praying for you ash! hope it happens soon don't like you being sad.

  3. I've seen that article too and am glad they published it. Stress is not the issue, you are only stressed because you can't get pregnant or ovulate. Infertility leads to stress, not the other way around. Stress is not the cause, and the sooner people like my MIL realize that the better. Sending you lots of positive thoughts!