Monday, March 28, 2011

Who needs toys?

So one of the first words of advice I got from people was to not buy too many toys. Did I listen? No. And guess what....piles of them go untouched. Anything that isn't a toy gets played with.

So one of my preemie mom freinds gave me a ton of art project ideas so we thought we would put them to use! Thanks Becky!!

First we got a container and put a bunch of things that I bought from the dollar store. Some things we put it in were:
-A mickey mouse coloring book since she LOVES mickey mouse
-strechy straws
-foam craft project/sticker
-some play dough (I was gonna make it but just ended up buying some)

You'd be surprised how well it kept her busy!

Then we did another container of little gift bows, tissue paper, ribbon, etc.
Another container I put some playing cards and UNO cards. She's been carrying them around all day. So cute! She even took a blue one and kept saying BUE! BUE! BUE!

-We got some magnetic letters for the fridge and put them to her level so she could play with them and its adorable. She even learned how to say pink!

-Then today we tried finger painting. My mom is a teacher so she got some butcher paper from school. She got red though and my paint was red and purple so you couldn't really see the paint on it. So it wasn't a big hit. My mom is going to get some yellow butcher paper and see if that helps.

-Becky had another great activity that was cheap and had minimal mess. All you do is get marshmellows, containers with food coloring, paint brushes, and I also gave her some cupcake paper holders to paint on. It was so much fun for her and she loved exploring with the water and color.

-At DI awhile ago we got this fort thing for like $6. She likes to take her toys and put them in her fort.

-So I did the whole pots and utencils idea too. She loved the different sounds.

Here are some pics of our adventures.

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