Sunday, March 20, 2011

California Trip- Day 3 & 4

On Wednesday we went with Blake and Jenn to Knotts Berry Farm and it was such a blast! We ate at TGI Fridays for lunch which I had never been to before. Then we went back into the park and had some more fun. At lunch Jenn only ate chips and spinach dip appetizer and so after a bunch more rides after that she ended up getting sick and threw up a couple of times. At least we didn't leave til we threw amuzement parks should be! :D We were pretty beat after Knotts Berry Farm and came home and just made dinner and chilled. It was a pretty exhausting day.

Then the next day we went down to the beach. Jenn and Blake were going to go surfing and Chase was going to go boogie boarding. I was orginally not going to get in the water but just eat my lunch on the beach just because it was so cold in the water but it looked like so much fun I ended up getting in....slowly with a lot of screeching but I did it! It was a lot of fun though! We all got sunburnt/tanned though from it all! I had never been boogie boarding so it was good to try something new! We then went to the hot tub. We were so used to the cold water in the ocean though that it hurt SO much to get in. We had to get used to it slowly.

Later that night we went bowling. We were all pretty exhausted though so we only played one game. Then we stopped at Coldstone to get some ice cream. I ate so much though that I felt sick! All in all though it was a pretty fun day! I definately slept good that night though!

waiting in line for Ghost Rider

Yes....we rode that.....right before Jenn....well just see below

Supreme Scream didn't sit well with Jenn....

This bird was bound and determined to get my lunch....of course I gave in and gave it some bread....I'm a softy.

Someone in our group surfing. Can't really tell which one. :D

Chase and I after we went boogie boarding.

I think I bowled a 97...almost 100. :)

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