Saturday, May 21, 2011


So in the last few weeks Chase and I have really discussed this. Now, now.... I know it sounds like we are jumping the gun and I'm sure you are rolling your eyes thinking this girl is dramatic. It's not about getting pregnant. I know I will someday but we have ALWAYS wanted to adopt. I know the challenges are still hard and there are a lot of set-backs like with infertility, but we have always wanted to and planned on doing it when our 2nd was a year old but maybe this is the best time to do it. Who knows...maybe this is God's way of saying this is the best time. And frankly I'm not sure how much more heartbreak I can take with my mean old uterus. I'm thinking I'll stop going at war with her and put my matches down for the moment. No uterus burning anytime soon. But I have my eye on you uterus. I know that its a lot of dead ends and heartbreak with adoption but at least I know my body wouldn't almost kill my next baby. I'm not sure I want to find out what other mean things she can do to my unborn children. Pregnancy is scary and I just hated every minute of it. Not because of the normal reasons....just because I am always scared of what could happen to the baby.

We are now in the information gathering process and quite frankly its overwhelming. I have no idea where to go first, am hearing so much different information, stories, etc. I want to check out LDS family services but we checked out their website and it said that you have to have an infertility assessment by your dr in order to qualify for services.... I'm not sure if my dr would go for that considering he probably even thinks I am being dramatic. So I just don't know where to turn because we don't have a lot of funds and I know LDSFS is great with poor folks like us. Chase and I plan on going in soon to just see what we should do first. We would love to take a newborn home but we even have talked about adopting even a young toddler. Oh so many life altering decisions....but I just feel so great about adoption and just want to get the ball rolling since I know it will probably be A LONG time before we're able to bring a child home with us. If anyone has any stories or information about different agencies please feel free to share.

Oh and for those curious.... No AF. Neg EPT. CD40. Yipee.


  1. I think its great! I was wondering after your last post if you had considered adoption. We have our two kids now but if we ever get crazy enough for #3 they will be adopted :)

  2. Yay on the adoption!!! We've considered adopting as well. We always wanted three children and have though adoption may be the way with the third! We have friends who adopted, but they adopted an 8 year old with special needs, but they've loved it!! Kudos ot you and I hope you get some good information from the LDS!

  3. Oh and BOO on you uterus!!!!

  4. I think adoption is a great idea and I know you will find a way to make it work. Wishing you all the best=)