Saturday, May 14, 2011

Things that make me happy

So I know that a lot of my readers may always think I'm depressed and sad but I'm not always. I think most people think that because when I am I blog about it so thats all they read about me. But I am a very happy soul... trust me! Blogging is my escape and will always listen to me no matter has to muahaha. So I hope I don't come off as this sad, mean-spirited, jealous person, because thats not what I intended. SO I'm gonna tell you the things that make me happy!

Glamour Girls Jewelry!! Today I went to the Cotton Days in Washington and they had a booth set up where you could buy 6 necklaces for $20!!! Crazy! So I off course bought $60 worth of stuff! My husband spoils me! But I'm going to use some of those as gifts for friends/family on their if you are reading this and you recieve necklaces as your present know that it was SUPER hard for me to give those up! It's hard not to keep them all for yourself! And I am obsessed with jewelry!! Here's all the stuff I got for $60!!! They also have a trailor set up in Washinton at all times so if anyone reading this is interested let me know and I'll give you their number! They have a huge selection of not only necklaces but earrings, braclets, and rings!
Not too shabby for $60

Running/Working out...I go to the gym or work out at home pretty much everyday (somedays I cheat though and sit on my butt) and I LOVE it! It's so true when they say you get addicted. Literally, we learned about how it gets addicting in one of my psych classes. Your brain creates certain endorphins that act as neurotransmitters when you run/workout and after awhile your body gets used to a certain amount of it. If you suddenly stop then your body wants more because it has stopped producing it on its own since you are creating it when you work out. This is why if you've ever run a marathon or any other races and when you stop training to take a break you get vicious headaches. That's also why they call it "runner's high". You get these same endorphins when you are in love or cough cough have an orgasm ;).... I thought it was interesting though. Anyways, I am going to start up my marathon training again and plan on running the half marathon in November again as long as my uterus is being mean I'll be nice to my brain and give it plenty of uterus no endorphins for you! : )

Jader Bug and my wonderful husband- Jayda is a little daddy's girl (depending on the day but mostly she loves being with him). When he is gone at work she will ask throughout the day "daddy home?" And I'll say no honey I'm sorry he's at work and her bottom lip will just quiver like I just took candy away from her. It's so precious though. My favorite is when she heads over to the cabinent and points and says "cooookie,cooookie?" And when I don't give it to her she puts her hands in air to her sides and says "alllll gone" and runs off and plays. She's too cute! And my husband....he's so awesome and spoils me SO much and never complains about it! I feel so lucky to have him!

My preemie mama friends (aka family)- I met these super great girls on right after I had Jayda. A lot of them went through the same things I did with dealing with a preemie and all of the challenges that came along with that. I have grown so close to them over the last 2 years and they know me better than some of my "in real life" friends know me. I consider a lot of them like family. Now I don't go on BBC as much because we all have transferred over to facebook and have a "secret" group on there that only we can see each other on. I'm so lucky I have had these group of girls when friends and family from real life just can't understand the emotions and logisitics behind having a preemie. Even through this journey of having difficulties concieving a few of them can relate having gone through years of infertility. They are my rocks of support because they understand both sides of it (thanks Brook and Lisa!! Muah!)

The sun- A lot of people complain about the hot weather in St. George. I LOVE when its 100degrees+. Bring on the sunshine!! Cannot wait til it just hits me in the face! I'm such a desert rat!

The lake/boating- Chase's parents have a boat that we take out to the lake every year and I cannot wait to go this year since the last 2 years I haven't been able to go. I'm craving it SO bad! The tubing, waking boarding, and knee HECK yes!

Uncooked tortilla's from Costco- addicted to them...I wonder if they have endorphins in them too? Because I'd DEF rather eat those than have sex. haha...just sayin...

Turkey Bacon and hard boiled eggs- I could eat these two things on a salad everyday for the rest of my life. Yummy!!!


  1. i luv turkey bacon, my husband thinks im crazy

  2. I love those necklaces!!!! And that was an amazing deal for all of them.