Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AF where are you????

So as I mentioned in an earlier post I *thought* I was due last Friday or Saturday. Well that came and went and nothing. That should excite normal people right? That FOR sure means they are pregnant. Nahhh not for me. That only means one thing.....didn't ovulate when I thought I did. I took a test yesterday and it was negative of course. On mother's day I remember cramping really bad. At the time I thought hmm maybe implantation cramping? But now I'm thinking thats when I actually ovulated. So that would make me due this next Friday or Saturday....if I even ever flippin ovulated at all. So I'm on CD36. Oh joy.

Yesterday after I got my negative test Chase sent me a text asking "soo?" .....freaking SO what? What do you think? haha Oh yeah by the way...its positive...not. Then he just texted back "I'm sorry". When I picked him up we talked about it again and we just had to laugh and joke. I just said "I hate my effing body" and "Just when you think you may have figured it all out your body just laughs and says muahahhaha I'm gonna screw with her head this month. Sounds like a blast." Chase then quoted Little Rascals and said "And then God says I HATE you Alfalfa".


  1. Ugh, sorry to hear your body refuses to cooperate as well. It's like they love reminding us we aren't really in charge. I hope you get good news soon!

  2. Days like that where the days I wanted to take my uterus out back and shoot it. Made me so mad. I kept telling it that it's simple really. Day 14, release egg. Day 28, AF comes or not. Day 28 poas and boom!

    NOT. Ugh, it drives me nuts, irregular cycles. I hope this is the last irregular one for a while....like 9 months?