Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day weekend/Biggest Loser

So this weekend has been awesome! We had quite the eventful one! On Friday we had my graduation (and my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law's boyfriend Taylor graduated and actually walked). I didn't walk because it was just my associates and decided I will just walk in the spring when I graduate with my bachelor's. I went to the commencement though and saw President Monsen speak! It was pretty cool and I love his demeanor. Then after the graduation we went and dropped Jayda off at my parent's house for a sleepover so that Chase and I could go out for Mother's Day. My mommy and daddy got us an Olive Garden gift card so we went there and then went and saw Limitless (awesome movie).

On Saturday, I took my madre out for Mother's Day. I took her to Twenty Fifth and Main (love LOVE it) and then we went to the Ivin's fitness expo and saw a bunch of the past biggest loser contestants. I loved talking to them! I saw Sara (pink team from this season), Adam (blue team from season 9), Sione (blue team from Season 7), Stephanie (purple team from last season) and Sam (grey team from last season that is engaged to Stephanie), and Stephanie's mom Patti (purple team from last season). I talked to Sara for awhile and knew that she had infertility problems from watching the show and got more in depth with her. Turns out she has had 3 miscarriages with one of those being eptopic. She is going to do IVF soon probably after she is done with the show (she's lost 100lbs!!!). She's also LDS so it was nice to be able to relate on both levels. She was really sweet and I met her husband and her new little puppy! Then I talked to Adam for a little bit and he told me about his mom that died of diabete's (he looks FANTASTIC still). Next, I talked to Sione and I have already met him a few times but he was telling me his take on who he thinks will be there next year as far as trainers. He said Bob will be there but Cara and Brett may not be...definately depends. It will be interesting to see. Then I talked to Patti for awhile and she was a pleasure to talk to. I talked to her about my weight loss and what I did to break bad habits and how she had to break hers as well. She was a very sweet lady! And then I talked to Stephanie and Sam!! They are planning on getting married in April of next year! Sam is HOTT as always! It was a blast though! So far I have met Erik, Michael, Suzy, Sione, Filipe, Jim, Sean, Stephanie, Sam, Matt, Patti, Adam, and Sara. I must be Biggest Loser #1 fan! :D

After that I took my mommy to see Source Code (fantastic movie btw!). I love my mom so much and she is a great grandma to Jayda!

Then I met up with Chase and Jayda to go see Ashley Bowden's husband Austin run the Ironman (swim 2.3 miles, bike 116 miles, and THEN run a whole marathon)...He is my hero!! Unfortunately Jayda was hot and ready to go so we just barely missed him but DANG props to him!

After that we went to Charlotte's (Chase's cousin) graduation get together. She graduated from SUU with her criminal justice degree and plans on going to Law school. Awesome! We swam there for a bit and then headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner with Chase's parents and Dave and Andrea (while Ciara watched Jayda at our house). Then after that we came home and played Nertz with Caity and her boyfriend Taylor.

Today Chase and Jayda had breakfast for me when I woke up and had a card. He got me a free massage from Massage Envy and a free pedicure (i feel bad for whoever has to do my feet muahahha). Then we went to church! Overall, its been a great weekend and have had a fantastic mother's day! Here are some pics of our adventures!

Sam, me, and his fiance that he met on the show Stephanie

me and Sara

me and Adam (such a sweetheart)

me and Sione (the fool didn't remember me haha)

Patty and I

Jayda and Chase waiting at the Ironman to see Austin

Ashley getting ready for Austin to come along

Jayda HATES swimming and clung to daddy for dear life

Cason, Chase, and Jayda....she started to warm up to the idea

So many hugs for her daddy. She's such a daddy's girl.

Gene, Elna, Karen, and Jayda Bug

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  1. AS IF you got to meet all those BL people! That is our favorite show...we look forward to Tuesday nights every week. So cool!