Friday, January 13, 2012

Jayda- The Duckies and Sick

Earlier this week we took Jayda to feed the ducks by a local golf course. She had a blast but you can't tell it from the video. But she really did love it. She keeps telling me all about how one of the big ducks bit daddy's hand. She thought it was pretty hilarious. Silly bug.

She has been sick for the last couple days. A couple nights ago she was just plain miserable. Running a fever and just hacking up a storm. So we let her sleep in our bed while I slept on the couch. And Chase is sick. Poor guy. I'm sure I'll fall victim next. She's so precious though and I know it sounds sick but one thing I love about her being sick is that she is a little cuddle bum and just wants to cuddle, kiss, and caress us (that sounds iffy...ya know what I mean.)

I will say so myself that her being sick is 10 million times better then when she was sick as a baby. I dreaded when she got a cold because I knew it was going to be 1+ weeks of pure hell. Pure refusal to eat or drink which usually ended up in an ER visit or a visit to the PEDS unit of the hospital. This time she was down for one day , drank faster than I could fill, peeing through her diapers hydrated and then has been up and about all day long playing as if nothing happened. She's such a strong little bugger.

Last night she decided she wanted to say the prayer. All I could get out was Jesus and Amen among the gibberish but it was just precious. Half way through the prayer she looked up at me and pointed her finger at me and said "Mama, close eyes...PRAYERS!" I just wanted to freeze time right at that moment.

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  1. glad she's going better and i seriously hope that sick time gets much better with age! koto has been doing pretty good lately, but in the past other children's "simple" colds would turn into a butt load of medical bills for us, and lots of puke and difficulty breathing! ha ha ha why can't he just be like ALL the other kids and have a nice cold??? ha ha