Monday, January 2, 2012

NYE night

So for NYE night both Chase and I were sick with colds but we didn't want to be party poopers so we went out anyways. Jayda stayed the night at my parents house and took her to church the next day so we could sleep in. Chase had to work until about 9 but then we went over to some of our friends Bret and Sandi's house to play games. We played this game called Perpetual Commotion and it was pretty fun. We are all competetive so its always fun to play games with them.

Then after games we popped out the Martinellies (mormon beer) and watched the ball drop in NYC. Then we came home and popped a Nyquil and sleep in until 10:30am. Thank gosh!

We're party animals.

Bring on 2012! We best be preggo this year OR ELSE!

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