Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The results are in...

So the waiting is over...we got Chase's sperm analysis results....thank goodness! He was really starting to drive me cray-cray! It wasn't great and it wasn't bad. His fertility score was an 18. 25-30 is normal 16-24 is moderate and 15 is low. So he's at the low end of "average". His count was 42.8 million/mL (139million overall). His morphology wasn't spectacular but ok I guess. He only had 11% normal heads but I'm told that morphology isn't as big of a deal as count and motility. I'm guessing that is because it can change more? Who knows. We were both kind of bummed yesterday but the nurse said that that shouldn't be something to stop us from getting pregnant and that it was pretty average.

She said they got 3 SA's in yesterday (chase's being one of them). One was 18 like him and another was 15. When I told Chase that to make him feel better he just said "That's probably because we're all screwed up!" That's my hubby for ya!

As for now though he is going to start working out and actually eating veggies and fruit (he fights me ALL the time) and taking his vitiamins to make it better.

Ya know I find it kind of funny that both Chase and I are healthier than we were the first time we got pregnant. I was ike 145-150lbs 5'3" (grody) and he was 230+ 5'10". We ate crappy crappy food and were so lazy. Now I am 120-125lbs and he is 185. We are much more acitve yet have more problems. It's kind of funny how that works out.

Aw well. All we can do is move on and do our best to keep positive.

All it takes is one but with my pesky uterus I feel bad for the little guys.


  1. Jayda is proof that his swimmers work, so try to keep your chin up! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... takes on a whole new meaning, doesn't it!?

  2. All it takes as one, and getting more active and eating healthier does help=) It is ironic that you are healthier now than you were before and have more problems now, talk about frusterating, but like Brook said above "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."