Monday, December 5, 2011

HSG results

Went in for my hsg this morning and holy shiz that hurt like a mother! The radiologist and her assistant were super awesome though and even told me the results right then and there. After the procedure she even showed me the pictures and explained it all. Good news is that my tubes are clear and my uterus looks normal. They did say that on one side of my uterus where one of my tubes meets up that the dye spilt out of the tube and into my muscles (and thats why it hurt so bad). But she said that it shouldn't cause me to have any problems getting pregnant. The doctor said that that is typical in women who have had children so I guess I shouldn't be worried about that.

Hopefully that flushed everything out and cleared a nice path for an eggy. If not on to femara and an SA next cycle. Which is probably going to happen. Not expecting anything this cycle honestly.


  1. That's great your tubes were clear, hopefully you are one of those women who are more fertile after the hsg and get pregnant in the three months afterwards! Fingers crossed for a great sa as well!

  2. Also wanted to let you know I nominated you for a blog award on my blog=)