Monday, December 26, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year

We had a blast this Christmas! Jayda just loved that "Santa" came and left her presents. We didn't go all out this year since we are broke as a joke and she still doesn't "fully" understand the whole concept just yet. She'll have plenty of time to clean our wallets out as she gets older. Her biggest gift was a kitchen set that we found at kid to kid for a score of $10 and some fake food to "cook" with.We got her some other little things for which she was very excited about. She's been really getting into the imaginative play lately and its just adorable.

One of the best gifts this year was that Jayda finally fell asleep in my arms at church. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal to a lot of people but she has never her whole life done it while at church. I almost cried it was so precious. I know sounds so cheesy.

Our biggest gift from Chase's parents was a portable dvd player for the car (its awesome for traveling with little jader bum) and some cash (that was much much needed). My parents got us a really sentimental gift which my mom spent hours and hours on. It was super cool! It was this geneology book that went back tons of generations (I think like 27) on both sides. It has pictures and stories of them and it will be really neat to go through and read about my heritage and have it to pass down to my kids.

Our gift to eachother will be the sperm analysis that will rack up to about $150-$180. So precious. Oh what people will do to get babies.

I went and picked up my femara (well generic brand letrozole) on Christmas Eve (bummer) but I was so shocked to find out that it is covered 100% by insurance! My guess is that my insurance figured I was using it for something else since it is used for women with breast cancer as well. Regardless, it was great to have that little blessing even though it would have only been about $25-35. But hey that all adds up over the months.

Overall it was a great Christmas and I was so happy to spend it with all of our family.

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  1. Glad you all had a great Christmas. Jayda's red dress is adorable!