Sunday, December 4, 2011

I met the Sister Wives!!!!

So last night at the last minute we decided to go to the Dickens Festival and oh so glad we did! LOL As we walked in my hubby pointed and said "Oh geez theres your Sister Wives". And lo and behold it was Mary and Robin!! She had her new son Soloman and Mariah who is Mary's only child. I was like in awe because they looked exactly like what they do on tv! I kinda hestiated because it seemed like they wanted to be left alone. I even was like "Oh my gosh its ROBIN!" And it seemed like she was ignoring me, but there was this big huge guy on stilks that she was trying to get to take a pic with her so I think she was just preoccupied. So we just decided to go in. We shopped around and I found the CUTEST bomber jacket. I had been looking everywhere for a really cute one for a reasonable price. I got one on Black Friday from Target but it wasn't really one I liked and they didnt have the color I wanted. So I begged my hubby for it and so I got it! Ekkkk! I LOVE IT!

Ok so its really dark but in this pic I'm wearing my new jacket. Oh and I'm standing next to Robin and Mary. lol Don't you just hate that Robin had a baby a little over a month ago and she looks SO freaking skinny!

Anyways, we decided to go back on through and on our way I first noticed Mariah and she looked me dead in the eyes like "Oh great the crazy lady is back". Then I saw Mary and Robin and they were taking a pic with another lady. So I was like uhhh Mary....can I get a picture with you? She agreed and I said I just saw your special and it was sooo awesome. And that was ALL I could say to them I was so nervous! I just LOVE their show! haha I felt like such a dork! They looked like they were just tired of being talked to and they weren't as friendly as I thought they would be, but I guess I could see how annoying it would be especially if you just aren't in the mood to chat. But it comes along with it so oh well! I thought that was super cool and totally random!

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