Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 2

Day 2: The meaning behind the name of your blog....

Well I haven't always been into blogging. When Jayda was in the NICU everyone was telling me I needed to start blogging about updates so people could check up on her without calling me everyday. I fought it hard and instead of creating a blog I made a caringbridge page which is a lot like a blog but specifically for families with a child or even for individuals with a medical condition. The problem though with that though is that you were only able to upload a certain amount of pics and it just wasn't as good.

Some of my friends and my sister had blogs so I decided it was finally time to set up a blog. I couldn't figure out the name though for our blog. One of our most favorite couple friends ever (Blake and Jen Christensen...they are also one of the couples coming with us to Cali for spring break next month yahooo can't wait!!) were down from Salt Lake when I was setting my blog up. We were trying to figure out a blog name and Jen threw out "drawing a blake" like the common phase "drawing a blank". Which fit what we were doing because we were "drawing a blank" as to the name. So that's pretty much how that came about. :D

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