Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pnemonia+ ER=Fun Superbowl Sunday

So on Sunday we had this whole superbowl party lined up. Chase has been talking about it forever and has been eating pretty good and using the Superbowl as his "eat whatever I want day". We invited some friends and had to cancel last minute with them which I feel really bad about. Sorry Mills and Steven :(. It seems like it is going around because their baby just got over pnemonia too.

This whole month Jayda has been randomly throwing up at night and coughing a lot. She had a little runny nose but didn't act sick so it was kinda confusing. Then this last week she got pretty sick and was up all night coughing and such. So we thought well maybe she just needs to up her dosage of relflux meds. So we called into the dr and they said to up it from 3.75ml 2x a day to 10mls 2x a day. (we later found out that the dosage was wrong and it is actually double what you would give an adult :/ ).

Finally she stopped throwing up so obviously that was part of it. Then she decides that she wants to be up all night long coughing and so then we figured ok well now she really is sick. So she was really cranky when she woke up on Sat. and she had slept in til like 8:30am which is super out of character for her. Well she just was NOT feeling good and didn't want to eat/drink a whole lot. That night was horrible but Chase was so sweet and took her most of that night. That day also when I was working out I noticed that I was SUPER out of breath. So I figured I was coming down with the same thing. So I went to walmart and got some airbourne and loaded up on that. Then Chase was so sweet and took her for not only one night but like 3 nights so that I wouldn't get sick either. His immune system is like iron man he NEVER gets sick and I always get sick and then everyone is just miserable. So he was SO sweet and stayed up all night with her. He has a lot more patience than I do too with lack of sleep so he def is the man. I love that man! :D

So that Sat. night we took her to urgent care because i just had a feeling that she had pnemonia or something. One of my friend's kids just got over pnemonia so I knew it was going around. Well they couldn't hear anything when we went and said he lungs sounded fine. She gave me a prescription for singulair and said it was probably a virus mixed in with asthma and to try that (psh whatever we never even filled it).

On Sunday she was MISERABLE. That also was the day that Chase had his superbowl party planned. We went over to his parents house hoping that she would sleep there. That didn't work out so I decided to take her home while Chase stayed for his party. Well she had a horrible fever that just wouldn't go away. She was super lethargic and wouldn't eat or drink anything so I decided it was probably best that we took her to the ER to get fluids in her. I called Chase and he sounded bummed but in the end our kids are the most important things. I felt super bad.
Chase met me and Jayda at the ER. She ended up getting 4 pokes, 1 IV, 1 chest x-ray, 1 breathing treatment, 1 round of antibotics, and 1 blood draw (that they freaking didn't even end up using! GRRR!). All the while she was screaming mommmmmy mama mommmmy! I felt SO bad I had to leave the room. You'd think after all the pain I have seen her in her whole life with the NICU and several hospital stays and IV's I'd be used to it but you just don't get used to it.

Turns out she has pnemonia. They gave us some antibotics and I hope that it doesn't give her c-diff again! Poor little thing though! She has been really cranky and wanting to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Monsters INC, and handy mandy all day long. She feels so crummy but the minute I put on Mickey mouse she was just light up. I feel bad sitting her in front of the tv all day long but right now thats about all she wants to do. Poor little thing.

Also the other day she got a hold of the hospital braclet, grabbed it, went over to the trashcan, popped the top, threw the braclet in, nodded once and then walked away. Guess she's not too fond of hospital and I don't blame her. :D
Also update for me: The provera has done it's job so far and little miss Auntie Flow showed her awesome face! What a FUN weekend.....

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  1. awee poor jayda, i hope she feels better! it's so hard! and yay for aunt flo!!!